Dispaco Italia - fustellatura - cartotecnica - produzione articoli da ufficio
cartelle e portadocumenti

Dispaco Italia – die-cutting – paper, paperboard and cardboard – office supplies

Tri-panel folders, plastic ring binders and elastic closure folders (can be customised), document folders, drawing folders (various sizes), project portfolios and storage tubes, available in various colours.

For over 35 years Dispaco Italia has produced and distributed paper and cardboard products and similar articles. Polypropylene and cardboard articles for schools and offices designed and produced according to the highest standards. We produce a wide range including: tri-panel folders, document folders, ring binders, drawing folders, storage tubes, project portfolios, building site signage and drawing-board holders. Each model is available in a range of colours and sizes and can be personalised with various designs. In addition to a vast range of standard articles, you can also choose from an infinite range of personalised objects.